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How To Extend The Life Of Your Carpet
How To Extend The Life Of Your Carpet

According to most carpet cleaning experts, under normal conditions of wear and traffic, the average carpet will last around eight to 10 years. However, many San Diego homeowners may be left asking, “What exactly are normal conditions?” After all, this factor greatly influences how much value they will be able to secure from their investment.

Just how long your carpet lasts can be influenced by many factors, including such traits as the grade of the carpet and the quality of the material. Still, the occupants in your home also have an influence on the matter. Children and pets will typically wear out a carpet faster, even with higher quality grades and materials, so these carpets tend to require a greater level of care.

However, even without adventurous children and excited animals taking out their energy on your carpet flooring, homeowners who commit simple missteps, such as wearing shoes around the house regularly, can cause just as much damage. This is because dirt acts as a sandpaper that wears out carpets, cuts the fibers and mats down the material. The solution, though, is simple.

Routine maintenance from Bonded Carpet can extend the life of carpets

By removing the dirt with the help of San Diego carpet repair specialists, you can improve the lifespan of your carpeting. At Bonded Carpet we offer the routine maintenance and specialty services that can help you rejuvenate your flooring, and by extension, the quality and appeal of your Carlsbad, La Mesa or San Diego home.  Carpets take a beating. That’s why to remove dirt, dust, sand and allergens, homeowners need to conduct regular upkeep. Doing so can help them keep their flooring looking healthy and alluring for photos, guests and daily activities.  However, just as over-the-counter medicine is only so effective, regular cleaning regimes can only do so much.   At Bonded Carpet, we use the latest and greatest technology to offer the best San Diego carpet care. Our vacuums are professional grade, offering strong suction power that continually provides results for our clientele.  CLICK HERE to Visit our Page on Professional Carpet Cleaning Services.

The physical and financial benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Where other carpet cleaning methods fall short, the heat and high pressure offered by steam cleaning services continues to be recommended for its health benefits not just for the flooring, but for building occupants as well. For instance, the Centers for Disease Control says that steam cleaning has been found to reduce instances of illness in hospitals were less effective methods, such as carpet shampooing, were used.  Further, many carpet providers recommend that San Diego residents steam their carpets once a year in order to maintain warranty, making it a low-cost way to recoup on these great offers.

Bonded Carpet, offering solutions and remedies to San Diego homeowners

At Bonded Carpet, our professional San Diego rug cleaning, San Diego carpet steam cleaning and San Diego flooring installation has been refined over more than 35 years of success in the business. If you call our experts for a cleaning, we’ll start with a pre-cleaning that loosens up dirt. The heat from the track then sanitizes the carpet, breaking up grime so that the powerful suction of our machines – which offer 10 times more suction than the average vacuum – can take hold.  In addition, all our employees are trained to tackle other challenges that may be keeping you from enjoying your carpet. Whether your carpet is stretching, ripped or in need of odor removal, our experts can identify these issues so that your carpet lasts longer.  CLICK HERE to Visit Our Page on Expert Carpet Repair Services.